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3 Simple Steps Online Money Transfer to the Philippines:


Register Online

Fill out our online
registration form to
transfer money
to the Philippines.

Add Beneficiary

Put the details of who you want to send your remittance and how you want it to be received in the Philippines.

Send Money

Pay using your debit card or bank transfer and it's done! You will receive email and SMS about the money transfer that you have made shortly after you've finished it.
  • Register Online

    Creating an account with Kabayan Remit only takes few minutes!

    You only need to give basic information which we will not share to any third party.

  • Add Beneficiary

    Provide us with the details of your beneficiary in the Philippines. Kabayan Remit can deliver to:

    Choose from one of the following Delivery Methods:

    1) Transfer to any bank account in the Philippines

    2) Cash Pick-up through selected outlet

    3) Home delivery to Metro Manila & Provinces.

  • Send Money

    Choose the amount you want to send to the Philippines and take advantage of our excellent rate!
    Pay for your money transfer with:
    UK debit card
    directly from your bank account or Bank Transfer.
    You can track your transfer in your Kabayan Remit account

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